CADglass Decorative

We have made it our goal to create splendid designs with the use of vivid colour and light. In so doing we have become the market leader in the stained and bevelled glass industry in Ireland. Browse through the site and explore how we can add another dimension to your home or business. During this period we have created a unique position in the Irish market as a highly creative company with the highest levels of craftsmanship. We have manufactured decorative glass designs for Churches, Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs throughout Ireland. For special decorative glass designs we can provide artwork using our state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Decorative Glass System) developed by ourselves which will allow your choice in decorative glass to be a truly unique experience.

The Product Range

The CADGLASS range consists of decorative glass designs that harmonize with the interior environment of any home. We design and manufacture a full range of exclusive products from leaded windows, doors and fanlights to stunning bevelled glass designs. All products are handmade and finished to the highest quality and technical specification.

The Team

The CADGLASS design team can take an idea and transform it into a beautifully finished work of art that can be admired by all.

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